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The Clean Energy strategies challenge is an industry award, globally led challenge aimed at breaking down the barriers and effectively increasing the pragmatic cross-pollination of company clean energy strategies.


Through friendly competitions, we are facilitating the development of innovative strategies with a goal of reducing the impact of global problems; in short, bringing together global minds to solve these issues facing our world. 

This challenge is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable development Goals, SDG #7,  with the 5 judging criteria drawn directly from the SDG 7 indicators. 


This challenge is free to enter and is open to any organisation or individual, irrespective of the size, sector, geographical location or affiliation your organisation is tied to. So long as you or your organisation have corporate social responsibilities strategies and agendas embedded within your operational ethos, we’re inviting you to take part in this event and get a chance to win an industry award. 


There are 6 award categories, 5 directly judged and the 6th being the overall challenge winner. More information about the judging criteria will be shared below. We hope that the winners of each award will inspire others to re-strategise and re-imagine their clean energy strategies. 


Overall Award for MOST IMPACTFUL Idea/Strategy: delivering across most of the UNSDG 7 targets and indicators

  1. Award for the Idea/Strategy with the greatest REUSE potential.

  2. Award for the Idea/Strategy for the greatest CHANGE in energy use.

  3. Award for the Idea/Strategy for the greatest REDUCTION  in energy use.

  4. Award for the MOST INNOVATIVE Idea/Strategy.

  5. Award for the Idea/Strategy that is the most applicable in the developing world.


Entry is easy and only takes 5 minutes. Please click on the below to register on to our challenge portal and take part.



Terms and conditions apply, please see challenge terms for more information.


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